Make 100% Profit in Agriculture in 24 Months
(Super Farmers Package)


  • Get atleast one allocation in the super farmers package for ₦100,000 only. This package is for farm projects which takes a little longer e.g Snails, Turkey, Poultry, Cassava, Grass cutter etc.

  • XtraLarge Farms takes care of the whole farming process from the beginning to the end. You will not be bothered with the farming process in any way.

    We plant/rear, We manage the farms, we harvest, we sell and then turnover the allocation funds within 18months

  • You get 100% profit on your farming venture with no hassles

  • You get paid directly into your local bank account

  • Multiple allocation available while stock lasts

  • New Allocation for a month are opened for payment from 1st to 22nd of the preceeding month

  • Super Farmers application form fee costs ₦5,000 only excluding the amount you want to invest

Category Package Cost Total Returns
One Allocation ₦100,000 ₦200,000
Five Allocations ₦500,000 ₦1,000,000
Ten Allocation ₦1,000,000 ₦2,000,000

*Please note that you are paid at the end of the whole investment which is after 18months!!!